Home town 'Lospalos' & TL


FIALE - the symbol of Lospalos & entire Timor-Leste

FIALE - the symbol of Lospalos & entire Timor-Leste

Originally I am from east part of Timor-Leste. My home town as my birth place is Lospalos. Lospalos (sometimes mistakenly written Los Palos) is a city in Timor-leste, 248 km to the east of Dili, the national capital. Lospalos has a population of 28,000 and is the capital of the district of Lautém. Internationally, the city is incorrectly called Los Palos, suggesting that its name is of Spanish origin. In fact, it is derived from Lohoasupala, its name in Fataluku, the local Papuan language, although nowadays Fataluku speakers use the name Lospala. The correct name in English, as well… full article at wikipedia.

Geographically Lospalos is located at:

geographical coordinates: 8° 31′ 7″ South, 127° 0′ 9″ East
geographical location: East Timor, Asia
original name: Lospalos


Dili, the capital of Timor-Leste, is the largest town in the country. The town has a distinct Portuguese character, evident in the old fort dating back to 1627 whose ruins can be seen even today, and in the villas that line the beach roads in the town. Tourists can take long enjoyable walks along the waterfront and also spend time at the nearby Palácio do Governador. Another place of interest is the huge statue of Jesus Christ, which is situated atop Cape Fatucama.

Dili is a lively place that may remind one of an engaging frontier town. The restored colonial buildings are Portuguese in style and sport vivid colours, standing proudly along the Esplanade. You can see Dili residents shopping, socialising and going about various activities. The occasional charred ruins that you see are relics from the violence that occurred here in 1999. Thatched dwellings and stalls are a reminder of how much development is still in store for Timor-Leste.

Areia Branca, a sheltered cove, is where the best-known beaches of Dili can be found.

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