Mass at Vatican Embassy

Sunday, June 21 yesterday, we decided to attend Mass in Catholic Church at Vatican Embassy rather than Holy Savior Catholic Church we have been so far. We did not knew exactly what time the mass started but someone told me that it could be at 11am. We left at home about 1030hrs and passed through Mexican Square but unfortunately the road is undergoing for maintenances and we turned around to take alternative road which took us somewhere before arrived at Embassy just about 1100hrs.

Security gate just shown us the building where they held the Mass. We reached the building and walking on corridor where we heard a typical songs which very familiar to us then we realized that we are too late for the Mass. Since nothing to do and nothing to lose, we decided to get into the room where people started to go for a Holy Communion.

After sometimes, the Mass ended and we gathered just outside the room to enjoy the fresh air while talking to other peoples. At the same time, we approached Father Mathew and started to introduce our self and nothing was more than welcomed us to be part of this community.

I and Tita felt it was great environment and even we were late but we believe next week we will join the Mass which is lead by Archbishop George Panikulam. Archbishop George Panikulam is an Indian Archbishop and was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI to serve as Ambassador of Vatican to Ethiopia since Oct-2008.



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