Confederation Cup 2009 Final; live in Rodeo Bar

It was different night for being in Rodeo bar & restaurant again on Sunday night. We were intentionally gone there just to enjoy the live of Rodeo and at the same time watch football game between BRASIL vs USA. We arrived at about 9pm and start ordering food. We choose Cream of Chicken Soup and order Special Fillet Beef. Just half an hour, the match started and I was surprise because at the back there was just so crowded as many foreigners also came to watch. It is common that people are looking for public places to watch due to city power that may go off unexpected.

The match just started exactly at 9.30pm. I can imagine if we were in back home, there would have been a lot of supporters around “Palacio Governo”. Just 10 minutes of the game, Brasil was made shocked by USA team with a goal from Dempsey; it was the first attempt and became a goal. Brasil started to play offensive and took control over the game but. While enjoying attacking football, they have to pay for the high price as USA scored second goal in 27 minutes again from counter attack. Imagine, 2 attempt, 2 shot and 2 goals, wonderful! But Brasil is Brasil, they always find the way how to attack, they control the midfield and showing attacking football but they got no luck as all their shot from Andre Santos, Robinho, Fabiano, Kaka failed to into the net, first half is ended.

Brasil came to pitch early than USA after restart and it was Fabiano who make the match live by scoring a wonderful goal, he got the ball, turn around his body and one shot to kill the USA goalkeeper.  After this goal, Brasil got back their confidence and scored again in 74 minutes to equalize and Lucio header in 84 minutes seal them a famous comeback victory at Confederation Cup. That is the third Confederation Cup for the 5 times world championship and consecutive champions after 2005 in Germany.

It was impressive game for us and for everybody who watch the game in Rodeo, there was so many USA fans around us who were screaming, fun for them at the first half but sad for them at the end. It was a tough match and USA really deserved No.2, but Brasil is Brasil, they are very talented and skilful player and each of them can make the difference in the pitch.



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