Ethiopian New Year: 1-Meskerem-2002

Ethiopia uses Ethiopian Calendar (EC) which is about 7 years behind to Georgian calendar. This has an effect to world’s public holidays such New Year, Christmas, Easter, Idul Fitri and so on.

Today 11-Sept-2009 (Georgian Calendar) is equal to 1-Meskerem-2002 or in other word; today is the first day of the year in their calendar system. Yeah, today is a new year for them. We had an invitation from some Ethiopian friends (Habesha) to celebrate Ethiopian New Year with them.

I and Tita went around with some Habesha friends to Portugal Restaurant in Maganegna spent almost entire half day there then continued to watch Ethiopian Traditional Dance in Alfian Dance Hall around Bole. The city and most of the road was very quiet as many Ethiopians have travelled to country side and others prefers to celebrate at home.


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